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Greensky Bluegrass
by Greensky Bluegrass
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Greensky Bluegrass 2007-12-31 Kalamazoo, MI-State Theatre Source: ATMB4K>1/4 in cables > MD Transfer: MD>CD>Wav>Flac Taped By: Jason Harter Transfered By: Tyler Jernigan Set I Disc I 1. Airmail Special 2. Grow Bananas 3. Into The Rafters 4. Bottle Dry 5. King of The Hill 6. Indian Trail 7. Whats Left Of The Night 8. Against The Days $ 9. Jesus On The Mainline Disc II Set II 1. Nine Days 2. Roberta > 3. 200 Miles From Montanta 4. My Soul * 5. Blues So Bad * 6. Unknown Tune* 7....
Topics: Greensky, GSBG, Bluegrass, Kalamazoo State Theatre, Face Melting, Greenski, Acoustic, Roots, Live
Source: ATMB4K > MD